Harrows Darts Technology.

Harrows is the Worlds Number 1 darts brand. The company's headquarters are located in Hoddesdon, England from where all aspects of design, production and distribution are controlled.

Here at Elite Service Centre we stock a wide range of products from the Harrows catalogues. Harrows products are high technology dart products, which are designed to satisfy the needs of players of all abilities, from the beginner to the professional.

Click on the links below to view the latest Harrows catalogues then either call in and see us, send us an email or give us a ring to see if we have what you require in stock. If the item you require is not in stock at the time you contact us we will do our utmost
to get it for you.

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The true origins of darts are lost in the mists of time. Legend has it that King Henry VIII of England instructed his archers to practice their skills all the year round, so that they were always ready for battle. Taking into account England’s unfavourable weather, some archers took their skills indoors. They threw cut down arrows at the end of upturned beer barrels in the inns and taverns of the Middle Ages. History does not tell whether this “indoor archery” proved beneficial in combat, but the skills of the modern day players make a connection through the passage of time to their historical darting forefathers.


  1. The weight specified on the packaging of steeltip darts in this catalogue is for one pointed dart barrel only. It does not include the weight of the shaft and flight.

  2. The average speed of a dart hitting a board is around 64kph (40mph).

  3. In tournament play a player is only allowed 9 practice darts (3 shots) before commencing a match.

  4. In tournament play the longest time a player may be allowed between throwing individual darts is 3 minutes. This allows for a player to replace or repair damaged darts equipment.

  5. In tournament play the maximum allowable dart weight is 50 grams.

  6. In tournament play the maximum allowable dart length is 12 inches (30cms)


Team Harrows

Mark “Flash” Dudbridge.

Wayne “Hawaii 501” Mardle.

Eric “Crafty Cockney” Bristow.
In becoming World Masters Champion, and reaching the final of the PDC World Championships and World Matchplay, Mark has shown real class.Wayne is one of the great extrovert characters of darts. The England International and Dutch Open Winner has stamped his unique personality on the sport.Eric Bristow MBE is a Darts Legend. His 47 World titles include 5 World Championships and 5 World Masters crowns.

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